2014 – Building Designers Awards

Overall Winner Design Excellence Award

Forest Lodge ECO House – Chris Knierim

Wedged between heritage neighbours, this modern home has a style all of its own with the latest in luxury conveniences and stylish finishes. ECO design principles were used to create an intelligent and innovative home without compromising on amenities. Many of the systems were custom designed and built specifically for this house, offering advances not previously seen in Australia. The solar-fed heat core storage cell is a national first and the sustainable features continue with solar slab heating, evaporative cooling, and custom natural air ventilation system. Together with the Low-E argon filled double glazing on the windows, these work to reduce the energy used on heating and cooling. Another surprising green feature is the rooftop garden, which insulates the home and attracts flora and fauna. This area acts as a noise barrier while reflecting heat.

A yin and yang effect was created by pairing the black mirrored ceiling and black gloss kitchen with the white polished concrete floors and adjoining white feature wall. Highly reflective surfaces are used to create an illusion of space. Lineal mirrors are placed throughout the dwelling to allow for views of the exterior gardens, while floor to ceiling windows allow light to flow and bounce around the highly reflective interior. Grey and silver was carefully incorporated in the bedrooms to soften and blend the design without compromising the integrity of the black and white theme. The bathrooms use a custom black and white design pattern for the glass mosaic tiles, starting as solid black at the base and increasing the amount of white as the tiles reach the ceiling.

The LED lighting throughout reduces energy usage and it is complemented by natural light flow from solar operated skylights and the use of opaque glass inserts in all internal doors. The water in the home is heated using a solar hot water system, with input from the underground water storage tank.

Paul Dass Memorial Award

 SAIF Accommodation – Kirk Gleeson

This award is given to a designer for outstanding achievement in building design and is the penultimate award, BDA Australia’s overall runner up. The Jury could not look past this project for the Paul Dass Award!

These three residential villas were constructed to provide accommodation for five Indigenous Australians with severe or profound disabilities requiring long-term support. In addition to the private villas, there are communal facilities, a separate office, and overnight accommodation for staff to ensure complete support with the least intrusion possible. The entire project was carefully considered in consultation with relevant parties to ensure cultural sensitivity and a sense of community. Each residence is designed to offer interior living spaces that can easily be adapted to the changing needs of current and future residents, with accessible features incorporated into the design without interfering with the sense of space.

Individual support services can easily be designed and delivered within, while providing residents with privacy and comfort. External concrete verandas and pathways allow for disabled access throughout the area, incorporating naturally flowing curves to reflect aspects of cultural heritage. The development complies with the platinum level of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines and includes a host of energy efficient features.

New residential buildings
up to 250 sqm and under $2000/sqm


Brent Reid
Newman Residence


Jennifer Binns
Legge Street Residence


Ian Picone
The Cove Residence

New residential buildings
up to 250 sqm and over $2000/sqm


Chris Knierim 
Forest Lodge Eco House

New residential buildings
251 to 350 sqm and under $2,000/sqm


Luke Van Jour
Medinah House


Luke van Jour
Leichardt House 2

New residential buildings
251 to 350 sqm and over $2000/sqm


Darryn Parkinson
Gladesville House


Peter Downes
Curl Curl House

New residential buildings
351 to 450 sqm and under $2000/sqm


Daniel Briffa
Darks Common

New residential buildings
351 to 450 sqm and over $2000/sqm


Gerard Smith 
The Riverhouse

New residential buildings
over 450 sqm and under $2000/sqm


Richard Lutze
Martin’s Lane

New residential buildings
over 450 sqm and over $2000/sqm


Graeme Bakker
Mulubinda Residence


Adam Hobill
O’Halloran Residence

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