2019 – Building Designers Awards

Overall Winner National Design Excellence Award

Mother Teresa Catholic School – Dave Bennett

Bennett Design

This design of the school was a collaboration between Bennett Design, Rossi Architects & Walter Brooke. The education NT’s Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School is half of a new greenfield educational precinct planned to accommodate a government and private school with shared facilities. The precinct master plan provides enhanced learning environments for the wider Zuccoli community with an Early Learning Centre and Primary School for 450 students along with supporting community amenities.Providing children skills and knowledge in a rapidly changing, interconnected world is a challenge needing transition from the traditional cellular classrooms not engaging today’s students.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School design focuses instead on physical environment factors affecting learning outcomes; Naturalness, Student Centered Learning and Engagement.Large sheltered areas provide opportunities for outdoor learning at any time of the year. A key principle is that every learning area flows seamlessly to outside learning opportunities and internally to supporting breakout and common learning areas.Teaching staff have group office areas out of the classroom to promote a strong collegiate educational culture and professional development.

The design aimed to limit the footprint through a two-storey design with core efficiency. Teaching and learning spaces have a natural ventilation louvre system controlled by the BMS for use in the dry season. The siting provides strong bike and walking connections and opportunities for horticultural learning.The project budget is achieved by employing large spans and standard construction methods to achieve the innovative pedagogical outcomes. Finally, Catholic Symbology and identity have also been woven into the school planning and building fabric to promote the cultural and spiritual enhancement of the facility.

Paul Dass Memorial Award

Anthony Rigg – Bleuscape Design

Lives Lived Well Family Units

I’ve been both honored and humbled to work on this project over the last 2years: such a wonderful client and an incredible team of builders and consultants. Lives Lived Well (client) are a not-for-profit organisation that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation amongst other things. In the past, when an individual enters a program, their typical domestic environment is disrupted for a time.

Now, as a result of LLW’s vision, these six units will provide unity and nurturing within an integrated family dynamic. My hope is that the spaces, through the capturing of light, breeze, and guided perspectives provide an environment of calm for many, allowing Lives Lived Well to do their important and critical work.

Chris Reardon Memorial Award for residential sustainable buildings


Nangor Street – Tristan Ryall

Architecture Republic

Architecture Republic is a young, award-winning studio specialising in environmentally-aware Australian design. We have offices in Bowral, NSW and Canberra, ACT, but we also serve the Southern Highlands, Goulburn, Sydney and all of rural NSW. We’re passionate about architecture, sustainability and beautiful Australian spaces.We draw inspiration from large vibrant cities and historic country towns alike.

It’s a privelege to experience the world the way we do, stepping into the homes of people across NSW and helping them to create architecture. Our goal is to equip Australia’s homes and businesses for the future. Our passion for sustainability and green design underscores all of our design thinking.From initial concepts (there’s always more than one) to finished product, we strive to keep our feet on the ground.

We enjoy creating practical solutions for both large and small budgets.We have a talented network of professionals, consultants, designers, and draftspeople who make the perfect team to move smoothly through the design, approval and construction process.

Chris Reardon Memorial Award for residential sustainable buildings


Cobhearthome – Brett Grimley

Ecolibrium Designs

We believe that this is a building that has done justice to the incredible person it is named for. I’m sure Chris Reardon (a role model for me personally) would have liked the back to basics construction method that utilises ancient building techniques to help be a solution for the modern problem of climate change.

The brief was a challenging one; build a beautiful, sustainable home for a family in a short period of time with a very small budget. The brief was fulfilled through the use of efficient design, second hand materials and the use of cob (earth) wall construction – which cost next to nothing but allowed for sculptural beauty.

An amazing effort from a determined client then turned that into reality.

Chris Reardon Memorial Award for non residential sustainable buildings


Currumbin Pines Early Learning – Pierre Tapper

Pierre Tapper Building Design

At Pierre Tapper Building Design we focus on Personally Tailored architectural solutions which reflect an engaged collaboration with our clients.

With experience across many industries from residential, commercial, educational and multi residential mixed use we provide a wide range of boutique architectural services.

New residential buildings
up to 250 sqm and under $2,500 / sqm


Brett Grimley | Ecolibrium Designs


Ashley Beaumont | Beaumont Concepts
Back Beach Project

New residential buildings
up to 250 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm


Adrian Ramsay | Adrian Ramsay Design House
Studio E

New residential buildings
251 – 350 sqm and under $2,500 / sqm


Adam Hobill | Adam Hobill Design
Ainslie Home


Simon Croker | SC Design Solutions
The Lakeside Barn Retreat

New residential buildings
251 – 350 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm


Jeff Lee | J L Design
Scarborough House

New residential buildings
351 - 450 sqm and under $2,500 / sqm


Gavin Dale | Gavin Dale Design
Origami House


Andrew Moseley | Suburban Projects Building Design
Marchant House

New residential buildings
351 - 450 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm


Chris Knierim | Code Green
The Boulevarde


Ian Picone | ian picone design

New residential buildings
over 450 sqm and under $2,500 / sqm


Adrian Sorensen | Sorensen Design
Addison Road


Frank Geskus | Prime Design
Hickmans Road

New residential buildings 
over 450 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm


Ben Trajcevski | Achieve Design Group
Verdon residence


Brad Read | BRD Group
Buderim Residence

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