2022 – Victorian Regional Design Awards

Top Design Awards Residential Project

Ashley Beaumont – Moonshadow Project

A true tree house, this is a work of warm timber formed into a home that is artistically beautiful and refreshingly ultra modern–and, of course, it stands as a true statement of ecofriendly building.

True to its moniker, Moonshadow does indeed cast an ethereal shadow across the landscape of Australian design.

This is a design for the ages, both innovative and sustainable.

Top Design Awards Commercial Project

Alan Cubbon – Mary Mackillop Secondary College

This standing work of design art truly is an education in design; at once dynamic and scholarly, original and classic in its divine veneer.

Students of design will want to study this design, from its colourful walls and ceilings to its unusually luxurious fixtures and furnishings.

This design is in a class all its own!

Thermal Design Excellence Award

Kendra Clancy – Gunyah Road

Lovely, elite and richly sustainable, this is a deluxe upper end residence that shines through with both divine beauty and optimum functionality.

One walk between its walls will show a virtual tour of contemporary design.

A home of true distinction, this palatial residence is truly one for the books–and, of course, for the Australian built environment.

New residential building up to $500,000

Dylan Barber – Wimmera Residence

A study in widescale, upper end sustainability on the outside, this exquisite home gleams from within with elegant home fashions, a light-infused design, and an overall sense of residential grandeur.

A mood-lifting walk between the walls of Wimmera will escort you most literally through a house of light.

Plus you enjoy a journey through the rich annals of elite contemporary design.

New residential building over $500,000 up to $750,000

Kylie Mitchell – Lambrose

Lambrose is the ultimate built example of a true luxury home; massively scaled, sustainably structured, and beautifully designed.

This is in all ways a true design masterwork. Moreover, this design proves without a doubt that fancy can be functional.

And that classy can be comfortable. Lambrose equates luxury.

New residential building over $750,000 up to $1.0m

Dylan Barber – Downshire Residence

Ultra modern and stunning in design, this beautiful home truly exemplifies the concept of widescale and wondrous ecofriendly design.

Both refreshingly homey and elegantly ethereal, this regal residence still manages to appear welcoming and comfortable in scope.

There truly is no down side to Downshire, an elite design that’s one of the books!

New residential building over $1.5m up to $2.0m

David Halford – Casacurvatura

From its artistically designed furnishings to its smooth, exquisite lines, this exotic, tropically inspired design is truly a vision to behold.

A widescale tribute to residential regality, Casacurvatura basks in its beauty even as it supplies an aura of divine comfort for any and all residents.

This is one exotic design that more than lives up to its name!

New Multi- Residential Building

Jarrett Drake – The Twin Elms

Although culled from the finest, most sublime timbers, Twin Elms arises from the earth as a lovely and truly ornamental design; the very best of both worlds, perfected!

True to its earthy and provincial moniker, Twin Elms is indeed culled for the forests.

And now it stands tall and proud on a richly sustainable landscape.

Residential alterations / additions up to $500,000

Tristan Morphett – Wattle Renovation

Beautifully adorned and stunningly appointed, this one of a kind widescale renovation is truly a vision to behold–not to mention functional and sustainable to boot!

It’s not often that a single renovation project singlehandedly morphs the look and feel of a home.

This is what makes the Wattle a wonder!

Residential alterations / additions over $500,000

Salvatore Chiodo – Richardson Street Residence

Not just a home but a vision and a spectacle, this exotic, tropically influenced manse boasts beauty and ingenuity beyond compare.

Both lovely and homey, this residence is in all ways a dream home.

One that does credit to its surrounding landscape and host community.

New Kitchen Design

Kylie Mitchell – Hillside Waters

An ivory cast manse that holds royal court high atop the hill, Hillside Waters is a natureborne masterwork that also achieves an aura of true contemporary class.

Borne from nature and at one with its landscape, Hillside Waters is aptly named.

And lavishly appointed–making for the perfect design.

New Bathroom Design

Salvatore Chiodo – Richardson Street Residence

The bathroom design of this amazing home shows in scale the true wonders of the home as a whole, with its clean lines, provincial look, and incredible functionality.

Its walls and floors, fixtures and accessories, merge together beautifully.

This is one lovely lavatory!

Residential interior

Salvatore Chiodo – Richardson Street Residence

The interior resplendence of Richardson Street Residence shines in its utter grace and grandeur–a stunning statement in modern sustainability!

A tour through this standing statement in contemporary class will show all the best in modern design.

And the very finest in luxury living.

Small lot housing

Ashley Beaumont – Moonshadow Project

In any and all ways, this house truly does prove the edict, “Good things come in small packages!”

A scaled lot still can shine forth with all forms of residential grandeur.

And a small lot design still can cast an impressive shadow across its host landscape.

Commercial Interior

Alan Cubbon –St Joseph’s Primary Warragul

This stunning statement of whimsical artistry likens a storybook come to life; all too appropriate for a primary school design.

Students are sure to look forward to attending class at the ultimate kid-friendly venue.

With its rich colours and delightful designs sparking their imaginations.

Commercial Business building

Bill Balakis – Metrolink Circuit Office Building

At once dynamic and highly professional in look, this modern day take on the conventional office building is both refreshing and inspiring–not to mention widescale and endlessly sustainable.

Metrolink does indeed represent and embody the link between fancy and functional.

With a good dose of sustainability thrown in for good measure.

Commercial Education building

Alan Cubbon –Mary Mackillop Secondary College

This design does indeed combine the finest elements of the splashy, attention-getting commercial building and the refined and highly dignified scholastic structure.

A true ‘study in class’ in any and all ways, from its colourful walls and ceilings to its vibrant office furnishings.

Both students and staff are sure to feel at home as they pursue their individual courses of study. The best of both worlds!

Industrial building

Bill Balakis – Jersey Drive Office Building

There’s truly nothing workmanlike about this one of a kind, high class industrial building.

From its snazzy design accents to its fresh, contemporary look, this corporate design does indeed ‘work.’

On a number of novel and exciting levels!

Public building

Dylan Barber – Pipsqueaks Childcare Centre

There is indeed something fancifully whimsical about the structure of this kid-friendly school building; one sure to be appealing to students, to teachers, and to the community.

A true study in design! More than that, this colourful, truly vibrant design is much like a storybook come to life.

Kids will no doubt come to consider Pipsqueaks their fanciful and imaginative second home.

Landscape Design

Alan Cubbon – Mary Mackillop Secondary College

As would be befitting an ultra modern institutional design, the sprawling landscape of Mary Mackillop Secondary College is broad and bountiful in scope; a green mecca simply hinting at the wonders found within.

Both ebullient and ecofriendly, this school’s campus is in all ways a quiet haven.

A perfect place to syudy and reflect.

Unbuilt Work Concept Design

Dina Malathounis – New Horizons

This sprawling, one of a kind residential design does indeed shine forth as a bright New Horizon on the Australian design scene.

This inspired and light-infused home design shines forth like a breath of fresh air from its provincial landscape.

Not to mention the fact that it’s ecofriendly and highly functional to the max! Lovely and novel, this is one horizon you’ll want to behold.

Student Design – Residential Design

Suzie Barlow – Samson House

Something of a landmark in terms of its functional, ecofriendly and truly eye-catching design, Samson House exudes a rich design aesthetic just as powerful as its moniker!

A walk through the walls of Samson House reflects a refreshing formula of contemporary classic.

All while making a strong statement in the name of sustainability.

Student design – Multi Residential Building

Jesus Giron – Project B: Townhouses

In any and all ways, Project B is truly Plan A when it comes to beauty, ingenuity, and pure, large-scale ecofriendly perfection–a place anyone would want to call home!

A townhouse that boasts the flexibility of multiresidential living, while also offering all the comforts of home.

And as an added bonus, these townhouses come together to form a friendly living community.

Student design – Commercial Building

Jesus Giron –Project C: Commercial Building

From its glittering bronzed accents to its massive exterior scale, to the ultra contemporary splendour that shines forth from all points within, Project C is truly grade A!

An illusive experiment in modern design brought successfully and beautifully to life, this is truly one for the design books.

And for its host community.

New residential building up to $500,000 – COMMENDATION

Ashley Beaumont – Warreeny

A stellar work of tall-standing timber that shines from the inside out, Warreeny strikes the perfect balance of pretty and practical–a true masterwork of pure sustainability

Its practical but pretty exterior and sparkling windows hint at the grandeur within.

In any and all ways, the Warreeny is a wonder!

New residential building over $500,000 up to $750,000 – COMMENDATION

Benjamin Mullholland – Bird Rock Residence

Mixing the finer elements of biophilic design with an exquisite application of rich sustainable materials,

Bird Rock is a design borne from nature and possessing of novel structural grace and optimum functionality.

At one with its landscape, Bird Rock is a beauty. Its style flies high!

The Full 2022 Victorian Regional Design Awards List

Winner: Ashley Beaumont
Entry: Moonshadow Project

Winner: Alan Cubbon
Entry: Mary Mackillop Secondary College

Winner: Kendra Clancy
Entry: Gunyah Road

Winner: Dylan Barber
Entry: Wimmera Residence

Winner: Kylie Mitchell
Entry: Lambrose

Winner: Dylan Barber
Entry: Downshire Residence

Winner: David Halford
Entry: Casacurvatura

Winner: Jarrett Drake
Entry: The Twin Elms

Winner: Tristan Morphett
Entry: Wattle Renovation

Winner: Salvatore Chiodo
Entry: Richardson Street Residence

Winner: Kylie Mitchell
Entry: Hillside Waters

Winner: Salvatore Chiodo
Entry: Richardson Street Residence

Winner: Salvatore Chiodo
Entry: Richardson Street Residence

Winner: Ashley Beaumont
Entry: Moonshadow Project

Winner: Alan Cubbon
Entry: St Joseph’s Primary Warragul

Winner: Bill Balakis
Entry: Metrolink Circuit Office Building

Winner: Alan Cubbon
Entry: Mary Mackillop Secondary College

Winner: Bill Balakis
Entry: Jersey Drive Office Building

Winner: Dylan Barber
Entry: Pipsqueaks Childcare Centre

Winner: Alan Cubbon
Entry: Mary Mackillop Secondary College

Winner: Dina Malathounis
Entry: New Horizons

Winner: Suzie Barlow
Entry: Samson House

Winner: Jesus Giron
Entry: Project B: Townhouses

Winner: Jesus Giron
Entry: Project C: Commercial Building

Commendation: Ashley Beaumont
Entry: Warreeny

Commendation: Benjamin Mullholland
Entry: Bird Rock Residence