On Monday the 24th, the sails of the Sydney Opera House were illuminated green to celebrate becoming carbon neutral 5 years ahead the schedule. For the accomplishment of the first step of the Opera House’s Environmental Sustainability Plan, it was awarded the certification from the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

14% of the electricity use was reduced by replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED lights and the new cooling system that the Opera House installed reduces up to 9% energy consumption. Also, in the Opera House was installed a new management control system that monitors the water use.

The new waste management system turns food into energy, with the help of an organics facility, so the recycling rates increased up to 60% from 25%, last year. To achieve this goal and also the next steps of the program, Sydney Opera House enrolled the staff and the contractors in a waste management educational program.

By the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House, in 2023, the management plans to reduce energy use 20%, to increase the recycling of the operation us up to 85% and, of course, to maintain its carbon neutral status.

Sydney Opera House is a landmark for sustainability. In the 1960, architect Jørn Utzon, created a sustainable design for the building. Louise Herron, the CEO of Sydney Opera House proudly declared: “We aim to honour and enhance this legacy by embedding sustainable thinking into everything we do.”