Located in a rocky cove on Serifos Island is a modern home that bears a likeness to a cave. Owing to the presence of strong northern winds, a protective shelter was required, inspiring Mold Architects to construct the home into the sloped land as opposed to atop it. nCAVED was designed in the form of a rectangular grid on the slope, cultivating a 3D “chessboard” consisting of solids and voids that evolved into the inside rooms and carved outside spaces.

A single side of the home extends outward to supply the living area with enhanced views of the Aegean Sea.

Stone went into the building of lengthy linear walls of nCAVED, which also draws the gaze outward to the view when in the house.

The longitudinal walls stand solid and sturdy, while the transverse facades consist of glass.

The home’s front is opened to expose the sea beneath it; the windows occupying the opposite side open to reveal interior gardens which enhance the air flow and natural light incoming through the interior.

An open and ethereal floating staircase unites two of the floors inside, while an in-caved staircase connects three floors on the exterior.

The bedrooms inside the home offer sliding glass doors that frame the lush bedroom views.

The interior gardens play the role of light wells, permitting natural light to filter downward to the embedded rooms.

Construction started in 2018 and finished in 2020; completing, for Mold Architects, something that truly breaks the mold.


Source: Design-Milk.Com