A furniture factory in the forest? The urban furniture manufacturer Vestre has started work on a sustainable furniture factory located right square in the middle of the woods. And this factory, to be built by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), will merge naturally and seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

Called The Plus, the building is conceptualised as a village, designed in accordance with principles like sustainable architecture and energy-efficient manufacturing. The Vestre community will manufacture its products with the use of carbon neutral fabrication techniques. The project also will serve as a public 300-acre park for hiking and camping.

Vestre is intended to serve as the globe’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer, according to company CEO Jan Christian. And the construction of The Plus will be a vital step in attaining this goal. Through the application of cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian partnerships, the factory will produce ecoconscious products at a swift rate; thus guaranteeing a worldwide foothold through their leadership in ecoconscious furniture production.

Materials were selected to coincide with these concepts, and will include locally sourced timber, low-carbon concrete and recycled reinforcement steel. Automation will merge with nature, as accessible green roofs (on which employees and members of the public are urged to walk and hike) are accented by the Smart robots and digital technologies utilised in the factory’s interior.

The structure’s layout is created to streamline workflow. The factory consists of four branches – the warehouse, the colour factory, the wood factory and the assembly – all of them interacting in a centralised hub. The hub will feature a logistics office and an exhibition centre.

Vestre, said Ingels, is at once front of house and back of house. So accordingly, the design of this factory is organised, interconnected and unifying in terms of its production process. The radical transparency of the design allows visitors and hikers and factory workers alike to immerse themselves in the forest as they enjoy the feel and view of the wilderness.

The Plus is on track to be designated as the inaugural industrial building in the entire Nordic region to achieve BREAM Outstanding, which is the most exalted environmental certification available.