A planned sustainable building is intended to be the new social core of the University of South Australia’s City West campus.

The structure’s primary features take the form of a hall, a pool, sports facilities and function spaces, and integrated greenspaces.

The building is intended to present a place of welcome for pupils and visitors. The designers intend to accomplish this effect by permitting public access to interior and exterior spaces, which establishes a sense of public ownership and engagement.

At the northeastern and western sides of the structure, the roof swoops downward to the street level to devise a pair of terraced green recreation spaces which serve as sizable exterior public amphitheaters. These flanked “green wings” are intended to present a beautiful display of textures and colours, spotlighting Southern Australia plant species with an emphasis on species of the Adelaide area.

At the core of the building is the hall, found on the ground floor. In a departure from conventional academic main halls, this hall is a multifunctional space that hosts sports activities, ceremonies and other happenings.

The 1,600 sqm hall features a climbing wall and a student lounge mezzanine located at the second level. This hall can be morphed from a sports hub to an event space that can host school banquets, UniSA’s annual graduation ceremonies that draw up to 2,000 people, etc.

UniSA Sport is situated at the basement level and features a gym, dance studio and a 25m swimming pool. A vertical interconnection between these levels and the ground floor is established through the employment of glazed voids between the road and the lobby, where views and sunshine are able to come through with the greatest possible effect.

In accordance with UniSA’s target of 15 percent lessoning in school-wide carbon emissions by 2021, this project uses both low- and high-tech energy-reducing strategies.

The design of Pridham Hall permits natural light to penetrate deeply into the hall, from the basement level to level one, decreasing the need for artificial light and heat through the use of efficient passive design features.

The ground floor lobby comes complete with permeable glazed facades that open and facilitate natural ventilation, devising an indoor-outdoor space and flexible use. The northern and western lobbies are regarded as a single internal plaza space, with an amazing visual and physical connection to the exterior, allowing for complete enjoyment of the temperate Adelaide climate.