The renewables sector was boosted by a doubled amount of jobs in solar energy projects. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has recently published that the number of jobs in the renewable energy sector grew by 28 per cent. The total amount of full-time jobs grew to 17,740 in 2017/18.

Rooftop solar is accounted for employing the most people – 46 per cent of all jobs. The second-largest employer is large-scale solar projects, pushing hydro-electric power to third place.

Jonathan Khoo from ABS said that there are three main factors that contribute to the uptake of renewable energy in Australia – development of electricity storage technology, reduction in costs and bigger interest in clean energy sources. He said that employment in renewable energy is relatively small, especially when compared to other forms of energy, which currently employs more than 59,000 people.

Queensland employs most people in the renewable energy sector, followed by New South Wales and Victoria. The three states together employ 72 per cent of all people in this sector.

Rooftop solar employed around 14,000 people in 2011/12, but this number fell to less than 6,000 in 2015/16, as the data provided by ABS showed. However, since then the number of jobs grew steadily to 8,000 in 2017/18.