What is a Thermal Performance Assessment?

A Thermal Performance Assessment is a process that determines the minimum star rating for all new homes, as well as renovations to existing dwellings. These should only be carried out by Accredited Thermal Performance Assessors.

A Thermal Performance Assessment by an ABSA Accredited Assessor is essential in reducing the ongoing running costs of your home with recommended guidance towards the orientation of your living spaces, building material & window options, as well as many other technical specifications. This includes information on design & construction, climate, all as common patterns of household use.

Why Choose an ABSA Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor?

ABSA Accredited Assessors are regularly audited for quality assurance, undertake regular CPD to ensure they are up to date with the latest regulations and technologies, are aligned with a national organisation advocating and lobbying government and industry for better built and more comfortable homes to live in.

ABSA Accredited Assessors assist in creating comfortable, sustainable & energy efficient homes by way of a Thermal Performance Assessment by utilizing the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) software to meet the minimum 7 star energy rating for your home.

Why Become Accredited by ABSA?

  • No certificate fees
  • Membership and Accreditation included in one fee
  • Be part of a truly national, highly regarded & respected organisation
  • Expert technical support
  • Networking opportunities with other industry professionals
  • Ability to collaborate with thousands of members & industry professionals in the associations own private portal (Not Face Book or other organisations monitoring your conversations)
  • Opportunities to have your work nationally recognised through Australia’s only awards program for Thermal Performance Assessors
  • Quality assurance standards of excellence
  • CPD freedom & flexibility. Choose from online self-paced CPD modules designed by industry experts
  • Member portal access 24/7 Log in at any time to track your CPD, PI expiry & more
  • The association advocates nationally for its members and the profession
  • The association is highly regarded by industry
  • The association is regularly invited by governments from across Austral to provide expert opinion and knowledge to the betterment of the industry.
  • The association values it’s members. Personalised member support

Steps to Becoming an ABSA Accredited Assessor


ABSA Accredited Assessors must hold a current qualification in one of the following courses:

• CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Thermal Performance Assessment)
• CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Home Sustainability Assessment and Thermal Performance Assessment)
• CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment

Course details can be found by searching the MySkills website:

MySkills website

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

It is a requirement that all ABSA Accredited Thermal Performance Assessors must maintain adequate insurance to indemnify themselves for their role as an Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor (TPA).

This requirement provides assessors clients with the knowledge and confidence of suitable insurance protection for their work.

ABSA recommends the tailored TPA Insurance program though Webber Insurance:

Webber Insurance

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development for Assessors is a requirement under the NatHERS Protocol and for accreditation with ABSA. It aims to ensure that the skills and knowledge Assessors acquire in their initial foundation training remain current and are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of the industry, ensuring Assessors can provide the best advice to clients on the changes that can be made to their homes and small businesses.

BDAA/ABSA’s CPD modules are facilitated by industry professionals & offer flexibility of choosing online, self-paced educational modules that are specifically targeted to the needs of Thermal Performance Assessors.

Under the NatHERS Protocol, accredited Assessors are required to complete 12 CPD points per year to maintain their accreditation. 6 Formal Technical + 6 Informal Industry Knowledge.

For further information on CPD requirements, visit CPD PAGE:

CPD Page

Membership & Accreditation

BDAA/ABSA is the only national association that officially represents and advocates for its members and the industries it represents across Australia on a regular basis creating and making positive change for the benefit of all members and in turn their clients.
BDAA/ABSA provides continual educational opportunities for its members to be the best Thermal Performance Assessors in the industry.
BDAA/ABSA membership allows you to collaborate with the best building designers, architects, thermal performance assessors, engineers, landscape architects & interior designers in the industry.

BDAA/ABSA is a truly national, highly regarded & respected organisation operating since 2006 & to the present day maintains its reputation for being ‘the best of the best’. We welcome you to become a part of the BDAA/ABSA family & become the ‘best of the best’ in Thermal Performance Assessment.

Join here to purchase your BDAA membership & ABSA accreditation.

For further information on the ABSA accreditation process click here:

ABSA Accreditation Process

Why Become a Member of The BDAA

  • Representing Building Designers
  • Annual Conference
  • Educating Building Designers
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Regular BDAA Communications
  • Insurance
  • Industry Partner Program
  • Networking With Other Building Designers and Industry Partners
  • The BDAA National Annual Conference is Now a Festival!
  • Design Awards
  • Building Designers Association of Australia Documentation
  • CPD and Professional Development (mandatory in some states)
  • Accreditation

Nationwide House Energy Ratings Scheme Explained

Upon completion of a Thermal Performance Assessment, an ABSA Accredited Assessor will supply each home with a unique NatHERS certificate as confirmation of the star rating of their new home or renovation. This allows builders, certifiers and regulatory authorities to confirmation that a building has been built to the design on which the energy rating is based.

Further information on NatHERS certificates can be found here.

Join the BDAA Connected Community

During this challenging period, it’s more important than ever that we provide members with a private platform to meet, communicate and connect around shared professional interests. This is the place, located safely online, to share knowledge, seek support, network, and learn.

Beyond the BDAA open forum community, you will have the opportunity to join any number of specialised community groups that reflect your chapter, building design specialties, thermal performance assessor skills, geographic areas, and general areas of interests.

In this exciting online community where you can collaborate with other members, share articles, post questions and engage in meaningful discussions. We encourage you to find a conversation or topic of interest and join in the dialogue.


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