With the federal election now behind us, the dust is settling, and the Australian construction industry is trying to assess what it means and what the future holds.  ACIF’s media release on the federal election result can be read here, and how the result may affect the industry was discussed by ACIF Members in Sydney on Monday last week.  Some infrastructure projects may be delayed or cancelled to repair the budget bottom line  Two major projects worth a combined $5.2 billion, the East West Link in Melbourne and the Perth Freight Link, are being assessed regarding whether they should still proceed, as can be read  here.  Further, the $14.5 billion proposed Inland Rail line is also being reviewed by the incoming government.  Regardless of how one feels about the election result, a new government is a chance for renewal and fresh ideas.  ACIF wishes to work in a constructive and positive manner with the new government, which has been given a mandate by the Australian people.

The recently released ACIF Forecasts showed that whoever won the election, residential and infrastructure construction are set to increase over coming years, with non-residential construction expected to experience a slight decline. So while there is much uncertainty in these times, the ACIF Forecasts give us a guide as to what we might expect.

The ABAB Facility and Asset Management Digital Roadmap Generator website is now live and can be viewed here. The project is designed to simplify Digital Facility and Asset Management by connecting it directly to activities within facility and asset management roles. It then asks a series of questions against that stated task to establish an understanding on what the user is trying to achieve. Once this is understood, the questions start to focus on the digital data delivery elements they need assistance with to achieve those outcomes. This helps to build a roadmap in the background which is prioritising the implementation steps and detailing how to carry out the implementation.

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Dr James Cameron

ACIF Executive Director

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