It is with great pleasure that ACIF releases our 2021 Policy Priorities. These have been created after much discussion with and input from ACIF member associations.  We will be advocating these priorities to Federal and State Governments and numerous other stakeholders over the course of the year.  Part of ACIF’s core mission is identifying the most important issues for the industry, creating and advocating policy positions on these and achieving some notable successes.

ACIF’s 2021 Policy Priorities are:

1) Commitment and tangible progress by state and federal governments to implement the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report as soon as practicable.

2) Support to enable a greater emphasis on mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention in the construction industry.

3) Increase the number of women entering and staying in the construction industry across all disciplines.

4) Address the issue of professional indemnity insurance for professions in the construction industry.

Implementing the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report remains vitally important for ACIF.  Improving mental health and the position of women in construction are new priorities this year, and we look forward to raising awareness and achieving results on these crucial issues.   Fourth, professional indemnity insurance is an issue that needs attention, as the current situation is one of “muddling through”. The full policy document can be viewed here.

Dr James Cameron

ACIF Executive Director

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