According to the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Regulations, which takes effect 1st July 2021, a transition pathway has been supplied for Class 2 building designer registration where an applicant may not hold the requisite qualifications. This pathway will be available until the 30th June 2022.

The building designer must adhere to the knowledge and skills requirements for this class of registration and must complete a competency assessment. The applicant must have accrued a decade, or equal part time, practical experience in the past 15 years, including at least 2 years Australian experience. This practical experience must be related to this class of registration involving a class 2, 3, 9a or 9c building.

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The Design and Building Practitioners (DBP) Act and Regulations impose a good number of new obligations on design practitioners. To guarantee that our members comprehend the requirements and the implications these involve, we encourage all designers practicing in NSW to make themselves familiar with the information and resources curated here.



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