ACT Minister for Building Quality and Improvement Gordon Ramsay has issued a statement announcing that the government in that territory will create a public building certification team.

The statement stated that the enlistment of government certifiers may be needed for ‘certain types of development’.

The new plan arrives as the ACT government is developing a scheme for developer licencing, through which developers will require licences to oversee specific sorts of developments and will be subjected to a fit and proper person test.

This plan, stated Ramsay, said the new plan would shield consumers.

Minister Ramsay stated that when he accepted the position of Minister for Building Quality Improvement, he aimed to halt the rot and crackdown on bad actors in the entire construction supply chain.

This team of public sector certifiers will join the Government’s licencing scheme for property developers and shatter the connection between developers and building certifiers.

He said that, in too many instances where property developers have caused other components of the industry to decrease costs and influence process, only to wrap up projects and stick owners with the bill for their poor work.

Purchasing a home or apartment is the most substantial investment in many people’s existences, and he aims to ensure that people can have faith in the constructive quality of their residence.

Canberrans, he says, should not have to track down long closed companies for structural defects, while the culprit keeps on building—under a different name.