Via the podcast How to Build a Better World, managing editor Tina Perinotto interviewed Amy Marks from Autodesk, the “queen of prefab”, regarding the status of the building industry as an ecosystem.

Amy Marks says that, on the road to sustainable building, much needs to change.

As coordinator of Industrialised Construction Strategy and Evangelism at the global technological corporation Autodesk, Marks sees a lot of change that needs to be made.

Her duties involve the transformation of building and construction into a more sustainable, efficient entity—for the benefit and betterment of business and the planet.

This Harvard-educated business professional believes that building is not a business but an ecosystem, which means it must be changed from the top. Corporations and governments must demand change, and methods of digitalisation and prefabrication must be adapted. In that way we can save and preserve our waning natural resources. 

In the building business, a wastage rate of 30 per cent is to be expected. Advanced technology can resolve this issue, especially if they are being supplemented by the use of advanced, more sustainable building materials.


Source: The Fifth Estate.Com.Au