With the world in uproar as we stand together to face a global pandemic, your first consideration as a building designer aside, of course, from the health and welfare of you, your friends and family is the progress and prosperity of your career under very challenging circumstances. Your last consideration, or so it would seem, is any sort of design awards program. Ah, but let’s take a second look at the importance of awards and accolades not only in spite of these circumstances, but perhaps because of them. 

As a good number of projects and project schedules find themselves delayed or disrupted during this time, you may very well be looking for ways to keep the name and mission of your building design company fresh in people’s minds and what better, more positive way to accomplish this mission than by winning a top design award? 

You will see your name and design featured in major design magazines, websites and newspapers; thus earning you the free publicity and name recognition that you need to emerge first and foremost in the minds of people looking to enlist a designer for future projects. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of winning a design award, the process of preparing and submitting a nomination holds benefits all its own. You may at this point find yourself with some extra time on your hands why not devote these hours to an activity that will help you rebuild and advance your building design practice? This just may be the ultimate distraction that is just as pleasing as it is productive; one that gives you a prime excuse to reflect on your previous successes in the building design field and to plan many, many more in the future. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enter a building design competition today!