According to comments made by New York-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz on his Instagram account, 90 percent of architects might soon be out of work—this owing to their inability to compete with computer algorithms.

The Chilean born, London bred designer claims that artificial intelligence will kill the architectural profession.

In an Instagram post, Errazuriz posted a cartoon depicting a parametric tool, created by Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg, which can automatically generate architectural plans. He predicts that, with the advancement of the years and technological innovation, the design industry will be forever transformed.

Machine learning, he says, will enable software applications to synthesize great quantities of architectural knowledge within seconds. Architects, on the other hand, study for years to attain the skills and experience required to design buildings.

Errazuriz believed that clients would soon be enabled to inform an app about the type of building they desire, specifying budget, location, size and other preferences and receiving a full range of practical options in seconds. The client could move the distribution, view the results in augmented reality, see as to how one’s furniture will fit the design, and approve the design variation that coincides with their budget. The app then would suggest the name of an area contractor to build the design.

The only architects needed will be the five percent that constitute the artistic elite.

He advised architects to go into software development, applying their spatial capabilities to coordinate the large scale design systems of tomorrow.