Issue 98 | 8 May 2020

Updates, Sustainable Housing, Energy and Emissions, Cities and Infrastructure

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* ASBEC’s online March Council meeting
* Protect, pivot and rebound
* Energy Consumers Australia: Lynne Gallagher appointed interim CEO
* A2EP appoint Jarrod Leak as CEO
* Luke Menzel joins i-Hub Steering Committee
* AIRAH Registered Professional Engineer accreditation program
* IOPScience: Environmental impact of cultural heritage buildings
* Inner West Council: Green Roofs, Walls and Facades Technical Guidelines

Energy and Emissions

* WA Government defers implementation NCC2019
* COP26 Postponed
* Climate Change Authority consultation on 2020 review of ERF
* Project Drawdown: The Drawdown Review – Climate Solutions for a New Decade
* ClimateWorks: Decarbonisation Futures
* BPIE: Action Plan for the Renovation Wave
* WGBC & GRESB: collaboration to recognise Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitments
* WA Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Roadmap

Sustainable Housing

* GBCA: Green Star for Homes strategy
* Changes to First Rate 5
* Cessation of in-home activities: Residential Efficiency Scorecard & Energy Savvy Upgrades
* ACOSS: Investment in residential energy efficiency
* Energy Networks Australia: Electricity costs of working from home
* NAHB: Green Single Family and Multifamily Homes SmartMarket Brief

Cities and Infrastructure

* KPMG: Potential economic pay-off of a circular economy for Australia
* GBCA: Building to Bounce Back
* Environment Victoria: Building Back Better
* Infrastructure Australia: Review of Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework
* ISCA: IS Rating Scheme Return on Investment
* Property Council: Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements
* ALGA: investment in disaster mitigation
* Qld Government: $12 million for resilient infrastructure
* CRCWSC: Designing for a cool city
* IGCC bushfire royal commission
* DPIE: Revised flood-prone land package