Australian construction companies are calling upon improved technology to achieve improved practices and operations, says a survey of 170 building firms.

This finding comes courtesy of the How We Build Now – Tracking Technology in Construction 2019 report, conducted by ACA Research and released through Procore, a construction management software provider. The new forms of technology most frequently adopted were BIM/CAD, prefabrication, digital project management tools, integrated management platforms, the internet of things (IoT) and drones. Large firms in particular that employ more than 500 employees are particularly apt to use BIM/CAD technology—nearly 60 percent of those polled, in fact. And nearly 40 percent of those more sizable companies are using other forms of technology.

When it comes to smaller (10-99 workers) and mid-sized companies (100-499 employees), these two happen to be embracing advanced technology. Among smaller companies, nearly 40 percent use BIM/CAD while nearly 30 percent make use of prefabricated parts and 25 percent employ digital management tools. Twenty-one percent use integrated management platforms, and 19 percent use loT—18 percent, meanwhile, use drones.

And this seems to be just the beginning. It is estimated, in fact, that 41 percent of survey respondents revealed their plans to use six or more new technologies in their business this year, while 86 percent assert that the use of technology is conducive to improved productivity—and 64 percent of same people are optimistic about the future of the construction industry. A full 22 percent of those respondents anticipated an increase in the value of their own projects. Nearly 100 percent of respondents plan to increase training over the next year and upskill their workforce.