When it comes to apartment living, parking and car storage is always an issue. And while basement parking and carports are offered at many complexes, Neue Grand by Growland has come up with a revolutionary solution: the first “sky garages” in Melbourne, Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere.

Finding its inspiration in Singapore’s Hamilton Scott building and the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, “sky garages” enable apartment livers to show off their cars just as they would their art—in the parameters of a clear glass display case they can view from their units.

Situated at 613 St Kilda Road in Melbourne, Neue Grand is a luxury development complex that will feature 18 full floor apartments, each boasting a two-car sky garage.

Each apartment here at Neue Grand will come complete with a two-car ‘sky garage’. Employing Wohr Multiparker, the same German-designed system used in Singapore, residents access the sky garage by way of a basement and drive onto a turntable. They then leave the car and take a private lift to their residential floor. The system retrieves the auto through the car lift-shaft and transports it upward to the resident’s floor, then pushing the vehicle into the sky garage and securing it.

Neue Grand residents will be able to access their autos from the inside of their unit. Once the vehicle is secured, a door attached to the storage room will unlock and the resident will be able to get anything they need from their car without having to carry it up flights of stairs to their home.

The sky garages will be able to accommodate 95 percent of cars on the market, supplying both a showplace and security space for residents of this elite living and driving space.