The Australian Energy Market Operator Wednesday presented a summer readiness plan as the electricity system prepares for elevated temperatures and outages provoked by bushfires.

The majority of the backup power has been sourced for Victoria and South Australia, with the rest going to support New South Wales and Queensland.

AEMO chief executive Audrey Zibelman says that pivotal emergency resources are needed to address unexpected weather events. She points out that The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting warmer than average and extreme temps this summer, and a continuing and substantial bushfire risk with drier than customary conditions.

These risks, she points out, enhance the lessoning reliability of certain aged coal generation plants.

Rooftop and grid-scale solar power have been responsible for much of new generation in the National Electricity Market since summer of last year, according to AEMO—thus enhancing the reliability of locally sourced electric resources.

The majority of backup power sources will be purchased only if required, she said.

AEMO does not expect drought conditions to reduce power supply.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor says that the enhanced risk specified by AEMO is his reason for favouring a reliability plan.

The plan specified that the Energy Security Board review the reliability standard, which will guarantee affordable and reliable energy for Australian business and households in the future.