Anyone who peruses the website of BDAA industry partner Brickworks can behold the majesty of brick; a timeless, classic building material equally proficient in achieving classic and modern-styled designs. Visit the Brickworks website at to discover an endless, multifaceted selection of top-quality brick products and designs; also read on here to explore a beautiful assortment of innovative and eye-catching brick structures.

The effect of brick in curve and contour was achieved through the sublime design of Studio Olafur Eliasson’s Fjord House in Denmark. Commissioned by KIRK Capital to showcase the structure’s relationship to the harbour, this building was borne from the design concept of an organic structure that would reflect the ebb and flow of the tides, to the shimmery water’s surface. The curved design stands and flows as a tribute to the city and its signature harbour.

MVRDV achieved the rare illusion of a transparent brick store designed for Hermès, located in Amsterdam. The presence of glass bricks likens the design to a bejeweled fortress, achieving the aesthetic effect needed for this high-end luxury retailer.

Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect, created a flawless melding of classic materials in the magnificent form of the Wrightwood 659, a four-storey exhibition centre. Brick, concrete, and glass come together in a monumental building, bathed in a current of natural lighting to glorious effect.

Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman brought brick home in their new masterwork of a residence, a black brick building that glows in its aura of residential regality.

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (mYSLm) glows in its brilliant two-toned, cubic brick facade that reflects the splendid natural landscape of Marrakesh as well as the interwoven threads of haute couture fashion. The museum showcases the timeless works of Yves Saint Laurent, including designer clothing and accessories, as well as design sketches.

A tall and mighty brick tower, one that glows in its contoured arches and a design both traditional and futuristic, is the masterwork of the splendid, space-efficient residential complex designed by Muhamad Samiei.

The ebullient hues of India are emblasoned and presented in a contoured brick façade that proves the masterwork of Design Work Group; a structure built on a crossroads that also featured a creative application of classic concrete.

The big brick novelty known as ‘Cuckoo House’ is an exquisitely shaped home situated just over a coffee shop in Vietnam. The architecture firm Tropical Space creates a work of terraced resplendence that line the brick path to ventilation and natural light.

In constructing the solid, ever distinctive Wall House in Vietnam, CTA | creative architects added a layer of bricks around the house, a sustainable dream of a home with a naturalistic look.

Achieving what most literally proved to be a dramatic effect, Drozdov & Partners carved ‘Teatr na Podoli’, a Ukraine drama theater, from recycled bricks of titanium and zinc adorning the higher levels of the theater; even the hues of the bricks strike a dramatic contrast, as they come in both beige and metallic colours.