It is now considered an established fact: Smart office design tends to result in smarter worker productivity. So when designing workspaces, one must consider both style and function—and in the ideal model of the 2020 workplace, these two essential elements are blended to perfection.

The 2020 corporate environment is built around the concept of biophilic design, the science of smart design. This revolutionary concept is based on the idea of enhancing connectivity to the environment through the integration of natural elements and materials.

In this model, textures like wood introduce an earthy atmosphere into the office space, and plants bring natural life into the workplace. Offices shouldn’t boast an atmosphere of sterility, with wooden varnishes and greenery promoting an aura of comfort and productivity in its place. Add a healthy smattering of black frames, concrete and layered textures to create a beautiful, sustainable workspace.

Natural light is another key component in this design, as a hearty supplement of natural glow is conducive to a calm, friendly office environment and enhances levels of concentration. Harsh fluorescent lights affect workers in a negative manner, with more offices featuring ceiling-to-floor windows that filter the flow of natural light and open up the space. 

Workplaces are also opening up to accommodate families, with employers considering the needs of employees who also happen to be parents. Today’s working parents need flexible work arrangements, and may sometimes bring their children to work for the day. Parents’ rooms will be just as common as offices in 2020 businesses, where workers can care for their children without bothering colleagues. Corporate design is being adjusted to guarantee a holistic balance of life and work for all involved, guaranteeing that parents can access family friendly facilities at work.

As an extension of this idea, modern workplaces are facilitating communication between employees and their friends and family, via private phone calls made in soundproof phone booths built into the office space.

Above all, individuality is perhaps the most essential component of workplace design. Tomorrow’s offices will come complete with different sizes of meeting rooms, along with social spaces that include game rooms and communal lunch tables and more; new and exciting features that combine to create an inclusive, integrated office space. An office space for the future.