Biophilia is far more than a form of interior design. It’s a holistic art focused on expressing the very essence of physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

The core of interior design revolves around a rich variety of basic elements, including building materials, finishes, casework, furniture, equipment, lighting, and acoustics; plus advanced concepts like ergonomics, anthropometrics, and human environmental behavior. And biophilia in particular centres around the entire physical, sensory, emotional and healthful experience, as expressed in the particulars of design.

Biophilia explores the connection between people and nature, with the word translating to mean ‘the love of living things’ in ancient Greek. By linking human beings with their natural environment, biophilia explores the ultimate goal of enhanced well-being.

By bringing the outside in, so to speak, by introducing naturalistic features that include water, greenery and natural light into the built environment, and sustainable materials such as wood and stone, the designer achieves an effect that is at once soothing and relaxing.

This concept even translates brilliantly to the workplace, as the use of botanical shapes and forms, natural materials, and other soothing design elements tend to sharpen the psyche—even as it softens the nerves.

Biophilia exists as a rich and diverse multi-sensory experience that appeals to all people, regardless of their age and background. A room that likens a natural habitat is a blessing to all who inhabit, delivering inspiration, productivity, and healing—uniting the radiance of design with the greater beauties of nature and humanity.