Even as more and more business communications and interactions are taking place online, the Australian business scene is still brimming with conferences and trade shows; massive and interactive face to face forums where ideas, projects, products and partnerships are born and created, promoted and exchanged.

Despite the swiftly advancing modes and manners of communication and interaction made possible through the magic of modern technology, why do people still journey miles to convene at conferences and trade shows?

  1. Representation. Many companies and businesspeople see conferences and trade shows as an opportunity to put a face and voice to their business or creative endeavour, to establish a positive image and lasting impression in a wide-scale public forum. This is also an opportunity for these same entities to present their newest products, projects, designs, etc.
  2. Networking. At a public gathering of the top professionals and practitioners in any given industry, it is only natural to assume that any number of collaborations, partnerships, friendships, and perhaps even companies will be born from this event.
  3. Education: Corporate and organisational conferences are a virtual spring of knowledge and news, ideas and updates, which are related via speeches, presentations, seminars, workshops and master classes, meetings and panels.
  4. Fun. From the social events to the gourmet dinners, the dynamic presentations to the awards shows to the trade show product demos, these public gatherings of likeminded individuals are always enjoyable.

Two major Australian design entities are gearing up for major conferences in the coming months.

Taking place 29-30 August, FRONT.design which reinvents the traditional exhibition format to provide you with the essential tools and products for future specification will host a commercial, B2B Forum for sectors including commercial, hospitality, education and healthcare; showcasing the most innovative, forward-thinking products relevant to commercial interior designers, architects, property developers and consultants. With a new 2019 location at International Towers, Barangaroo, the event will feature Running alongside this will be FRONT.design Forum, a two-day program of keynotes, CPD presentations, and panel discussions; plus a premier group of exhibitors from leading interior, furniture and architectural product sectors. Complementing this element of the event will be dedicated, fully-catered-for meeting zones and an exclusive business lounge to facilitate face-to-face engagement and relationship building.

“This is a natural alliance for us,” says Byrne. “We are passionate about working with like-minded organisations such as Indesign Media Asia Pacific to foster highly creative outcomes and make great things happen.”

And the Building Designers Association of Australia, an association that represents, advocates for and unites building designers from all levels and all areas of Australia, will present the 2019 BDAA Annual National Design Conference, scheduled for Sept. 6 and 7 in Brisbane. Brimming with tours, educational speeches and workshops conducted by renowned design industry leaders and pioneers, master classes and dynamic, inspirational presentations, interactions with industry partners and introductions to their latest products, gourmet dining and social opportunities, and a celebratory awards ceremony for their membership and industry partners, this year’s conference with a theme of Designing for the Future boasts plenty of new features and a strong focus on sustainable building.

“We look forward to welcoming building designers and industry partners at this celebration of sustainable, innovative, and beautiful building design,” said Chris Knierim, president of BDAA.