In a recent announcement, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews declared that the government would invest $28 million and $21 million in support of the Building 4.0 CRC and the SmartCrete CRC.

Supported by 32 companies and organisations, such as Monash University, Melbourne University, Lend Lease and others, the Building 4.0 CRC intends to lower project cost by 30 percent, slash building energy consumption and project timeframes by up to 40 percent, lower CO2 emissions by up to 50 percent and eliminate up to 80 percent of building process waste.

Its trio of research programs have this objective:

  • Enhance practices, culture and protocols in the building design industry through skills development, policy/regulation enhancement, supply/value chain connection and consumer as well as market engagement.
  • Use technology, data science and AI toward the development of new building processes and techniques.
  • Change building ‘hardware’ and processes and their integration with digital and sectoral programs to enhance construction development, design, production, assembly, operation, maintenance and end-of-life.

The SmartCrete CRC, for its part, intends to enhance the cost, allocating and durability of concrete; promote lifetime asset management through the remote monitoring of concrete structures; enhance supply chain sustainability and lesson the carbon footprint of concrete.

Andrews stated that both CRCs supplied important research, as affordable, sustainable and secure housing is important to every Australian. Especially now that many Australians are spending more time at home, those homes must be both top quality and affordable.

Regarding the SmartCrete CRC, Andrews states that concrete is important to building and infrastructure projects and the Centre can reduce costs without compromising safety.