Even as our world and industry seems dark and uncertain, the beautiful building designs that fill that world—and the master craftsmanship behind them—still manage to bring joy and peace—a reason to dream. A reason, even, to celebrate.

This is the time to innovate, think creatively, and work together. We must take care of ourselves and each other, and establish a plan—not only of survival—but of ultimate success.

It may not be business as usual, but still we mean business. We need to remain active during this uncertain time. And although we must proceed with caution, still we must proceed.

Especially in light of recent times, the Australian building design business has proven itself the most resilient of the world’s industries. We might have to do things differently, but we have to resources, power and dedication to go forward.

Modern technology gives us the magnificent capacity to connect with designers and design enthusiasts around the nation and world. We must keep in touch, to talk and to share, to celebrate the beauty and functionality of sustainable design on an exciting virtual platform—while also using that same platform to check in with and help each other.

Stay connected. Stay strong. Because as we all know, Australian building designers are indeed built from the strongest stuff.