China’s Wuhan City is now home to the 1,000-bed Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, constructed in under 10 days. Designed to help Coronavirus patients, the hospital was completed by a 7,000-member crew, and the facility saw its first patients Monday morning.

Construction work commenced on the Huoshenshan hospital January 23 and was originally scheduled to be built in a six-day period. The completed two-story facility features 30 intensive care units and isolation wards.

As the quarantined Wuhan City’s standing hospitals were barraged, they started to send away patients and consulted social media in search of medical supplies. In response to this widespread medical emergency, the new hospital was planned in the Caidian district of Wuhan.

The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus a Global Health Emergency, with more than 20 nations reporting cases. In China, the illness has claimed at least 360 lives, and more than 17,000 people have contracted the infection across the nation.