Throughout Western Australia, 21 councils have joined together to summon the State Government to make a real commitment regarding the vital issue of renewable energy; asking them to commit to a target of 50 percent emissions reduction by the year 2030—as well as a full 100 percent target by the year 2050.

The Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership recently hosted a Perth-based forum, at which these councils identified the lack of state-level renewable energy and emissions target as a major barrier to dealing with the issue of climate change. Fremantle mayor Dr. Brad Pettitt asserted that the time was now for Western Australia to seize and act on the concept of renewable energy; with area governments advocating for a renewable energy target that adheres to climate science–saying that appropriate leadership actions and investment decisions will place these goals well within reach.

State and local governments need to work together, according to Pettitt, fulfilling and realising the state’s immense potential as a powerhouse of renewable energy, which in turn will bring plentiful employment and investment opportunities to local residents.

Councillor Naomi Godden, representing Augusta Margaret River, called upon the McGowan government to commit to significant emissions reduction and renewable energy targets; citing the vulnerable positions of local communities and governments when it comes to the climate crisis. The Augusta-Margaret River, she says, is experiencing less rainfall and greater fire risk—this threatening low-income earners and independent farmers in particular.

To remedy these and related issues, she calls for strong action and leadership on the part of the state government, to reach minimum but highly powerful targets for enhanced renewable energy. Cities Power Partnership acting director Tracie Armstrong also advocates for a solid state target, with member councils poised to take action in mass response to climate change. Once these objectives are reached, she says, Western Australia could become a renewable leader.