1. Members shall faithfully and diligently carry out their duties in the knowledge that their prime allegiance and duty is to the maintenance and promotion of the highest standards to the community in the built environment with consumer protection being paramount.
  2. Members shall continuously improve their knowledge of the profession by keeping informed about changes in the building industry and associated legislation, to the end that the public may consistently receive greater value for its investment.
  3. Members shall conduct themselves so as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession, and shall at all times avoid any actions which could impair their integrity or bring the Building Designers’ Association of Australia into disrepute.
  4. Members shall, without fear or favour, perform all duties for which they are accountable with perseverance, tact and impartiality.
  5. Members shall maintain confidentiality with clients in the course of their business transactions.
  6. Members shall not act in any way which could injure the professional reputation of a member of the Building Designers’ Association of Australia.
  7. Members shall at all times have proper regard to the objects of the Articles of Association of the Building Designers Association of Australia and shall not take any action which does not comply with the policy of the Association or which conflicts with the Articles of the Association.
  8. Members shall promote and achieve the highest degree of professionalism amongst Building Designers.
  9. Members shall promote consumer protection by advocating that all members carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  10. Members shall pursue, promote and establish guidelines for achieving higher standards in Building Design and Documentation.
  11. Members shall promote a commitment to Building Sustainability through Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) creating a more sustainable future together whilst improving our economy, society and lifestyle.


Members of the Association will promote the building industry and design profession to the benefit of all. Members will assume the above responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that the above are part of their obligation as members of the Building Designers” Association of Australia.