For ACIF, our members and the industry, the year is now in full swing, and there is so much going on. May will be a particularly busy month, and despite that, you really need to remind yourself to enjoy and appreciate every day. We tend to “wish our lives away”, always looking forward to a supposed better time in the future, and not appreciating the present. What will you do today and this week that will make it something special and make your “heart sing”?

On a bright note, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, a recent report by ACIF partner Autodesk showed that confidence and optimism in the industry is high.  The second edition of the survey saw 451 Australian leaders and experts quizzed on their thoughts regarding the future outlook of their respective industries. I say “somewhat surprisingly”, because of the reports of the high number of insolvencies in the industry. I am deeply concerned at the figures of the number insolvencies in the construction industry, and the human toll this is having on business owners, their employees and their families.

Also from Autodesk, a discussion of Australian construction industry trends for the next 12 months by industry leader Sumit Oberoi on current and emerging technologies primed to shake up the sector can be read here. I attended a recent retreat held by Answers for Associations on AI, and AI is and will vastly transform the way businesses do business. As mentioned in this article, “AI could ‘break the productivity cycle’ for construction”. Robotics in construction is now also being explored in Australia, and the industry in future will likely look very different to today. Australia’s Building Ministers are also increasingly looking at prefabrication to help achieve the housing target of 1.2 million new homes in five years. All of these trends will be discussed at the Future of Construction Summit in Brisbane from 14-15 May, and I hope that you can join us at that. There will be an ACIF Forecasts briefing to launch the summit.

Best regards,

Dr James Cameron

ACIF Executive Director

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