A consultation report containing all the feedback from the Accessible Housing Options Paper is now released for public review.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) published the Accessible Housing Options Paper for public review in September 2018. This document supposed to show what are the costing and options of including a minimum accessible standard for housing in the National Construction Code (NCC). In October and November 2018, national consultation forums were held, and they supported the Options Paper. During the forums, stakeholders were able to share their thoughts and have their questions answered by the representatives of the ABCB.

The ABCB has now released the Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report, after receiving contribution and comments during the forums. The goal is for the public to have better awareness and understanding of the project. This report represents the next step on the path to the Regulation Impact Statement, which is the next stage of this project.

More information about the Accessible Housing Project is available on the site of the Australian Building Codes Board or download the full report here.