Adaptable housing is far more than just a design style. It’s a basic need and necessity for many Australians.

In conjunction with the Australian Network for Universal Housing Design and Ecolateral’s John Moynihan, the BDAA is proud to offer an encore presentation of Cross the Threshold, a one of a kind, interactive webinar series that teaches the tenets of adaptable, use for all building, and gives participants the opportunity to earn 7 CPD points as they learn. This groundbreaking session will be conducted 13th and 14th Oct.

Regardless of the beauty, functionality or even the sustainability of any given home design, this design will be rendered useless if every member of the family inhabiting the house is unable to live comfortably and thrive successfully between its walls. Ranging from the elderly grandparents to the youngest babies and children, and including adults who might face physical challenges, every home inhabitant must be fully served and accommodated by the residence as built. And beyond time-honoured accessibility measures like wheelchair ramps, today’s builders must fashion the floors, walls, shower stalls, hallways, living areas and kitchens in accordance with the requirements of the person or family inhabiting the house. And they even must take into account deeper considerations such as air quality, toxicity and climate control—especially in these times, when more and more healthcare is administered at home.

Cross the Threshold is a comprehensive session will cover virtually every aspect of adaptable building, from its central concept and related issues to its real-world applications, and will centre around activities that will allow students to conceptualise their own plans related to this innovative and very timely concept.

Session leader John Moynihan is the Director of Ecolateral, a specialist sustainability consultancy established to deliver a personalised service with a focus on solutions for the built environment that are practical, economic and innovative. His many credentials include a Bachelor in Business, a Diploma in Architecture, a Graduate Certificate in Carbon Management, and a Master of Environmental Science (current). He is a Water Efficiency Assessor, Green Star Accredited Professional, EnviroDevelopment Professional, Registered Designer and Builder, and a Qld BCA Expert in Energy Efficiency.

For more than three decades, John has been an advocate for more environmentally conscious communities. In his work as a designer, educator, builder and environmental consultant, he has worked to encourage communities to take responsibility for environmental delivery. Through his work in Australia and Europe, John has been recognised and honoured by Government, Building Associations and Academia. John was the recipient of the Queensland Government’s “Medal for the Year of the Built Environment, 2004 and the Queensland Premier’s Award for Environmental Services to the Building Industry”. John also will be a featured speaker at Housing Australia: The BDAA Virtual Design Conference, where he will discuss Comfortable, Safe & Accessible Homes – the Basic Ingredients 4 November 2020, 3:30 pm.

John will address how we can design for accessibility, air tightness and toxicity minimisation in our homes. He believes we must design our buildings to be adaptable to the changing times and climate conditions that our homes and their occupants will experience in the next forty years. The interrelationship of these elements plays a crucial role in delivering an efficient comfortable and future proofed building.

Join John and BDAA 13 and 14 October as we Cross the Threshold to a new and improved way of building—one that will make every home resident feel far more ‘at home.’ Register HERE for this vital webinar.