Arksen‘s newest explorer yacht is an ecofriendly 26-metre boat called Project Ocean, that will be created from recycled aluminium and plastic bottles.

The upcycled vessel, currently built at the Wight Shipyard Company in the UK, stands as the flagship of Arksen’s new Explorer Series. This new line of sustainable boats, which also features a 13-metre, an 18.2-metre and a 22.8-metre boat, is designed to facilitate genuine off-grid journeys while testing the limits of marine design.

The experts at Humphreys Yacht Design are credited with the exterior and naval architecture and have guaranteed that the long-range explorer is eye-catching and strong. Project Ocean includes an efficient hull that slices through the waves to decrease running expenses and emissions. The hull and the superstructure will be forged from light, recycled aluminium from Hydro, which may be ‘re-recycled’ at the culmination of the vessel’s lifespan.

Project Ocean packs complete hybrid propulsion. The boat comes complete with a top speed of 14 knots, a cruising speed of between 9 and 11 knots, and a top range of up to 7000 nautical miles. That means no destination is off-limits, especially since the boat can run off the grid. Project Ocean will be installed with solar panels that supply up to 7kW of zero-carbon electrical power. Also, her onboard heating and ventilation systems use thermal reclaim to enhance efficiency.

Tom Humphreys, co-director of Humphreys Yacht Design, said that Arksen’s commitment to researching and comprehending our effect on the environment will be valuable in re-formulating the development of leisure-vessel production in the motor yacht business. The efficient design, sustainable technology and long-range possibilities of the Arksen fleet are more valuable than ever. It has been deemed the right product at the right time.

On the interior, Design Unlimited extended the sustainable theme via a wide range of recycled materials. The luxurious furniture is covered with fabrics culled from recycled plastic bottles. The layout includes four large cabins that can accommodate up to 12 explorers. It even features a full-beam master suite that offers a multipurpose space that can take the form of a library, study, nursery or home theatre.

Arksen anticipates an 18-month build, with sea trials anticipated for spring 2022. When Project Ocean does set sail, she will be the home of research and conservation projects through the Arksen Foundation.

In any sense of the word, the inaugural Arksen 85 boat is a milestone.


Source: Robb Report.Com.Au