All luxury style, “zero garbage,” recycled wood construction and low-impact energy systems, are some of the winning features of the Huemules Reserva de Montaña, a three-star geodesic dome hotel situated inside a Patagonian nature reserve in Esquel, Argentina. Boasting a sustainable design, the eco-resort was built on a remote, 6,000-hectare site overseen by the Estancia Huemules group. After morphing the land into a mountain reserve, the family business administered the development of low-impact geodesic dome suites built by regional craftspeople with natural materials.

Serving as a cattle pasture for more than a century, the 6,000-hectare mountain reserve now home to Huemules Reserva de Montaña is known for its panoramic canyons, valleys and prairies. In redeveloping the land for hospitality purposes, the Estancia Huemules group selected geodesic domes for lodging because of the buildings’ durability and resistance to climate extremes in Patagonia. The geodesic domes were chosen for their low impact — both aesthetically and physically — on the environment and were situated on natural clearings in the vicinity of established trails.

Also in the arena of sustainability, the hotel employs an advanced sewage treatment system to clean waste before it is released into the environment and an energy system that conforms to the region’s endless hydro-cycle. Regionally sourced recycled wood was utilised for building decks, kitchen and furnishings, while dead wood is burned in energy-efficient, low-consumption stoves. Organic waste is composted onsite to fertilise in the vegetable garden. Plastics are used only minimally; instead, biodegradable products and recyclable containers are the order of the day.

The resort is operated in tender accordance with Nature’s delicate rhythms—with the ultimate goal of saving nature itself.


Source: Inhabitant.Com