An emergency summit took place June 2 in Adelaide with key housing industry stakeholders in an effort to initiate a blueprint to prevent Australia’s timber shortage crisis from getting worse.

Organised by Connie Bonaros and Frank Pangallo. Pangallo said it’s a problem that timber logs from local plantations are presently being shipped offshore to India and China due to the high prices suppliers are fetching.

Localised growers are filling their contractual obligations with localised sawmills and suppliers – many of which were composed before the Homebuilder boom – but instead of aiding these businesses in adhering to their substantial boosts in demand, they are opting to ship their excess stock to overseas markets because of the enhanced profits they can garner, he said.

That processed timber is likely to return here at a higher price than if it was processed by regional sawmills, which are needing supplies, is a disgrace, he said.

If timber can’t be provided to construct homes, carpenters won’t get paid for erecting the frames, bricklayers won’t be compensated for laying the bricks, electricians won’t be paid for wiring the house, the businesses which supply those tradespeople won’t receive orders for materials, and so the cycle continues, he said.

Source: Timberbiz and Architecture and Design.Com.Au