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Guest speakers – EPSDD, Building Reform team

Topic – NCC 2022 changes in practice for ACT. Two key changes to NCC 2022 will be implemented from 1st October 2022, including increased targets for energy efficiency (7 star) and new requirements for livablity/accessibility in new homes and extensions/renovation projects.

The presentation will focus on residential projects and include Q&A sessions using real world examples of the worst-case scenarios we are all familiar with and anxious about. These will include challenging Glazing Calculator scenarios for extension projects.

The meeting also presents an opportunity for us to provide feedback and to demonstrate the potentially impossible task of compliance with increased energy rating targets, and to help shape the roll-out of the proposed changes which are still in draft form.

Date: 05/07/23
Time: 1pm-2.30pm
Location: Weston Creek Labour Club, Teesdale Close, Stirling, ACT, 2611
Lunch: Pay-as-you-go
Parking on site