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Working with color is a combination of science and intuition. In this presentation led by Suzanne Tick, we evaluate several color theorists, artists, philosophers and share how we adopt these different scenarios onto the various product types that we design. The Science & Intuition of Color provides an informative and genuine approach on the consideration of each material from fiber to glass and shows how the products themselves reveal “what it wants to be.”

About the speaker

Suzanne Tick maintains a distinguished career as a CEO, textile designer, weaver and Vedic Meditation teacher in New York City. She is currently the Creative Director at Luum and Design Partner with Skyline Design. She is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, as well as her conviction to provide innovative solutions with a nod towards sustainability and wellness. Suzanne Tick Inc., an NYC-certified Women Owned Business, operates out of Tick Studio in the East Village where Suzanne works and lives.

The Science & Intuition of Colours is in keeping with the DIA’s commitment to promote design as a profession and a core contributor to the quality of business, society and our environment. This is an official DIA Accredited Designer™ presentation and will accrue 2 CPD points towards DIA Accredited Designer status.