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As we move forward to build and design a more sustainable built environment, the BDAA wishes to empower our members with the knowledge needed to make and meet their own sustainability goals for the coming year. To aid this effort, our friend Willem Overbusch from SDG Align is giving our members the exclusive opportunity to glean his expert knowledge on this subject, via an exciting and highly personalised meeting-style forum.

As a BDAA member are invited to attend Willem Overbusch’s Drop In and Goal Up sustainability sessions; drop in, dropout sessions conducted every Thursday for half an hour. Drop in for one on one consultation that will personally empower you to explore, declare and agree to the designated 17 sustainable development goals. Then, armed with this personally attained and pinpointed knowledge, you can sign on for and produce your own sustainable development goals declaration.

Feel free to contact us for more information; ‘drop in’ to goal up!