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We are thrilled to invite you to the most significant amendment to building codes in recent history – the NCC 2022. This amendment marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of construction practices, and we are excited to explore its implications with you.

Event Highlights:

1. Unveiling NCC 2022: Discover the largest single amendment to building codes since their inception, bringing about transformative changes in construction standards and regulations.

2. Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Learn about the proposed changes, including a noteworthy +1 star increase in NatHERS ratings. This enhancement signifies a substantial rise in overall stringency for class 1 buildings, as we strive for a more sustainable built environment.

3. Mandated 7-Star NatHERS: Gain insights into the mandated 7-star NatHERS requirement, complete with heating and cooling load limits. Understand how this advancement will shape the future of building design and operation.

4. Combatting Condensation: Explore how NCC 2022 addresses health risks associated with condensation in new homes. Learn about the measures that will ensure healthier living environments for occupants.

5. Innovative Solutions by Kingspan: Discover how Kingspan, a pioneer in building solutions, will be providing simple and easy solutions to help you meet the new 7-star requirements. Their expertise will help you navigate the transition seamlessly.

Join us for an informative session where industry experts will unpack the implications of NCC 2022 and share actionable insights for your projects. This event provides a unique opportunity to engage in discussions, and stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in the construction industry.