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Formal CPD – Circularity In The Built Environment

Andrew Savage from Weathertex will be presenting this fascinating new talk on Circularity in the Built Environment, Cradle to Cradle Design.

Learning Outcomes

▪ Understand the concept of circularity in design and construction

▪ Identify and explain the three key principles of circularity

▪ Define a ‘Circularity Score’ and identify high performing products

▪ Know how to apply this new knowledge to your projects

▪ ARB CPD Performance Criteria 2021; o PC 3 – Understand the principles of project planning, considering implications for Country, environmental sustainability, communities, stakeholders and project costs.

o PC 10 – Understand the whole life carbon implications of procurement methods, materials, components and construction systems.

o PC 28 – Be able to draw on knowledge from building sciences and technology, environmental sciences and behavioural and social sciences as part of preliminary design research and when developing the conceptual design to optimise the performance of the project.

o PC 31 – Be able to identify, analyse and integrate information relevant to environmental sustainability – such as energy and water consumption, resources depletion, waste, embodied carbon and carbon emissions – over the lifecycle of a project.

o PC 33 – Be able to investigate, coordinate and integrate sustainable environmental systems – including water, thermal, lighting and acoustics – into the conceptual design. o PC 35 – Understand the operational and embodied carbon implications of chosen materials, components and systems.

o PC 39 – Understand how the integration of material selection, structural and construction systems impacts on design outcomes. o PC 44 – Understand the roles and types of relevant consultants and suppliers as well as applicable construction terminology.

o PC 45 – Understand processes for selecting materials, finishes, fittings, components and systems, based on consideration of quality and performance standards, the impact on Country and the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project.

With more than 25 years’ experience servicing A & D and Construction clients, Andrew Savage joined Weathertex in September 2018 as A&D BDM, NSW. Andrew has diverse technical experience across a range of commercial and residential construction projects and regularly receives positive feedback on the quality of his presentations

Date: 08/08/23

Time: 6:30pm – 8pm

Location: West HQ, 33 Railway Street, Rooty Hill, 2766, NSW

Dinner: Pay-as-you-go