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How to MOTIVATE, MANAGE & MARKET yourself – Empowering Architects and Interior Designers!

Join us for an insightful event focused on empowering architects and interior designers to excel in their professional journey. With a line-up of expert speakers, this event will provide valuable strategies and insights on self-motivation, effective management techniques, and successful marketing within the architectural and design community.

David Balestri – Executive Business Coach (Motivate)

-Learn effective strategies to ignite and sustain motivation in your architectural or interior design career.-Explore techniques to overcome obstacles, maintain resilience, and cultivate a growth mindset for professional success.-Discover how to set and achieve meaningful goals that align with your passion and aspirations.

David will speak to:

“Reinventing the Design Paradigm: The Subtle Art of Motivated Creativity”

A. Unleashing the Power of Autonomy

B. Fostering an Intrinsic Motivation Mindset

C. Embracing the Role of Continuous Learning

One non formal CPD point.

Deborah de Jong – Behavioural Analyst (Manage)

Cracking the Communication Code & Converting Clients

Overview: This CPD point aims to equip architects and designers with the necessary skills to master communication techniques and effectively convert potential clients.

By understanding the principles of effective communication, identifying client needs, building positive relationships, adapting to various communication styles, and utilising tools and strategies, architects and designers will enhance their ability to engage and convert clients successfully.

Learning Outcome:

1.Understand the importance of effective communication in client conversion

2.Identify their own and clients’ communication styles using a validated assessment tool

3.Develop effective communication strategies tailored to clients’ communication styles

4.Use communication insights to improve the client experience, build trust, and increase conversion rates

5.Apply communication principles to enhance team dynamics and collaboration

One formal CPD point.

Vic Baker

Executive Marketing Director

Empire Strategy Consultants

Vic Baker is a seasoned marketing executive with a wealth of experience. She has collaborated with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs, driving remarkable results. With expertise in marketing strategies and strong leadership skills, Vic empowers individuals and accelerates business growth.

ARB CPD performance criteria:

Practice management & professional conduct PC1 – PC16

Vic Baker – Empire Strategy Consultants presents “Market”

Crafting and Embodying Your Brand Story

1 Formal CPD Point

1.Understand the influence of a compelling brand story on client engagement, differentiation, and trust-building.

2.See how well-crafted brand stories can resonate with your target audience and create emotional connections across all touchpoints when done well.

Learning Outcomes

1.Gain a comprehensive understanding of how a compelling brand story can effectively engage clients, differentiate a brand from competitors, and build trust among stakeholders.

2.Develop the ability to recognize the key elements of a well-crafted brand story that can resonate with the target audience, create emotional connections, and consistently communicate the brand narrative across various touchpoints.

One formal CPD point.

TOTAL: One non formal CPD point, Two Formal CPD points

David Balestri is a globally recognized Executive Business and Life Coach. Having spent over forty years as a successful entrepreneur, David has devoted his career to assisting aspirational individuals and high-performing professionals – including CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs – to realize their maximum potential.

Serving as the Master Coach at Elite Human Development (www.elitehumandevelopment.com.au), David lends his expertise through a range of professional expressions. His roles include acting as a strategic consultant for CEOs and business owners, advising civic leaders on societal issues, and serving as an elite performance strategist for various companies and organizations. As a best-selling author, David has written influential works on personal development, holistic success, and societal transformation.

In addition to his prospering coaching practice, David is an in-demand keynote speaker. He enthralls audiences worldwide with talks on topics like world-class leadership, peak personal performance, the future of enterprise, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. With speaking engagements spanning Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the USA, David has inspired thousands with his transformative presentations.

David’s impressive resume also boasts the successful launch of numerous businesses globally, empowering men and women to excel as entrepreneurs. As an experienced investor, David is well-versed with the intricacies of wealth creation and shares these insights to guide his clients towards financial prosperity.

Deborah is a seasoned leader and consultant with experience working in a range of business operations. Having partnered in the foundation of Fantastic Furniture from concept to a multimillion dollar organization, Deborah knows the importance of putting people before numbers to build a successful enterprise.

As an interior designer for over twenty years the combination of retail experience and interior psychology have allowed her to become a successful adviser and designer to residential, retail and commercial sectors.

Deborah is passionate about assisting organizations unlock the power of behavioural understanding to successfully accomplish business goals. She works with leaders to further develop their organizational goals and to build collaborative teams that can execute.

In partnership with DNA Behavior International™ www.dnabehavior.com Deborah provides a suite of behavioural management solutions to help businesses “know, engage and grow” their executives, departmental and team leaders, employees and clients.

Human behavioural issues hidden deep below the surface are connected to 87% of business performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity.

• 40%+ increase in personal productivity• 70%+ increase in team productivity• 23%+ increase in revenue

Victoria Baker is a highly accomplished marketing executive and C-suite leader with extensive experience in driving growth and market leadership within top 500 ASX-listed companies.

As the General Manager of Marketing, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise in developing and implementing strategic marketing initiatives that have propelled the company’s success and established its position as an industry leader.

With a track record of driving revenue growth, enhancing brand visibility, and creating impactful marketing campaigns, Victoria is recognized for her ability to effectively navigate complex markets and deliver exceptional results.

Her visionary leadership, strong business acumen, and passion for innovation have solidified her reputation as a dynamic marketing professional within the corporate landscape.