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AIRAH training on Section J – 17 October 2023

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) is delivering a full day training course (8 hours) on working with Section J (NCC 2019) in Darwin on 17 October 2023. This course is being tailored to meet the needs of an NT audience, and is not just for engineers. Anyone involved in commercial building design, certification, project management and construction is welcome to attend. Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of energy efficiency requirements under NCC Volume One 2019, including how to meet compliance using both Deemed to Satisfy and Performance solutions.

The course will cover:

· Intent of Section J and the energy-efficiency requirements

· Deemed to Satisfy compliance pathway

· Performance pathways and using verification methods

· General examples of performance pathways

· Façade system calculation tools

· Verification methods J1V1, J1V2, J1V3 and others

· J6 – fans, pumps, duct and pipe sizing, calculation tools

· Introduction to other calculation tools in the NCC

· The crossover between Volume One and Volume Two energy-efficiency requirements

Go to AIRAH’s website for more information and to register: Training: NCC 2019 – Section J (NT) (airah.org.au)

AIBS Section J NT webinar series

The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) has delivered a series of four webinars that are now available for anyone to watch free of charge on AIBS TV. Webinars 1 and 2 explain the NCC 2019 requirements for energy efficiency for commercial buildings, with the second webinar outlining Deemed-to-Satisfy requirements and introducing a checklist approach. Two further webinars focus on performance requirements and how to meet statutory obligations under the NCC. The final webinar provides examples of applying performance solutions to Section J Energy Efficiency requirements. These webinars are not only for Building Surveyors, anyone involve in commercial building in the NT could benefit, particularly Building Designers and Architects.

To view the webinars, create an account and search NT on the AIBS TV website: AIBSTV

ABCB training materials

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) maintains a range of training materials that can assist NT industry to successfully apply NCC 2019 Section J requirements (2019):

Handbook: Energy Efficiency NCC Volume One (2019)

A key resource for understanding energy efficiency requirements, including relevant examples and explaining the intent of the provisions: Handbook: Energy Efficiency NCC Volume One

Guidance material
An introduction to thermal bridging and how it can be addressed through the NCC: Understanding the NCC – Thermal bridging in commercial buildings

Case studies
A range of case studies are available to assist practitioners to understand how energy efficiency provisions may be applied in practice:

Lighting refurbishment of an office building
Small office building
Hotel façade
Thermal bridging calculation 1 – Fibre cement cladding on a timber framed wall
Thermal bridging calculation 2 – Solid concrete on a steel framed wall
Thermal bridging calculation 3 – Flat (horizontal steel framed roof with a thermal break

To assist practitioners to demonstrate compliance with elements for Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution for facades, lighting, fans (mechanical ventilation) and pumps:

Façade calculator NCC 2019 Volume One
Lighting calculator NCC 2019 Volume One
Fan system calculator NCC 2019 Volume One
Pump system calculator NCC 2019 Volume One

Performance solution scenarios
To assist practitioners to formulate performance solutions that can be modelled through an approved verification method:

Energy efficiency of fan systems
Eurovent Standards for chillers
Verification using NABERS energy for offices (JV1)
Verification using Green Star (JV2)
Adaptive Thermal Comfort and Predicted Mean Vote (PMV)

NCC tutor sessions on YouTube
Recorded lessons on modules of NCC content delivered by accredited trainers:

Understanding energy efficiency in the NCC
Using the energy efficiency provisions in NCC Volume One
Fan system Calculator
Pump system Calculator

Northern Territory Cost Benefit Analysis of adopting Section J

A 2022 NT specific Cost Benefit Analysis on adoption of Section J included case studies on how to construct commercial buildings in Darwin and Alice Springs to comply with NCC 2019 energy efficiency provisions:

· NCC Section J in the Northern Territory: Single-storey office buildings Darwin and Alice Springs

· NCC Section J in the NT – Potential for Adoption

More links to training resources and information on the adoption of Section J in the NT is available from our website: Building energy efficiency provisions | Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics