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We have two amazing guest speakers lined up for this event.

Firstly, Lucy Bingle is a global LinkedIn expert with 20 years of marketing experience. She is passionate about connecting brands with their people and will guide members through her proven step-by-step method for achieving an ‘all-star’ LinkedIn profile.

Lucy will teach us how to connect, engage and expand your company’s marketing message on the LinkedIn platform.

This is an event that you are going to want to share with your whole team. Everyone can register, watch and join from their own individual computers.

Daniel Webber from Webber Insurance and Samantha Anderson will be discussing the value and the importance of the PI insurance, what it can be used for, what it can not be used for, and how to make sure you have the right level of coverage that will be appropriate.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions on topics such as;

“What are the most common causes of a PI claim?”

“How can a member reduce the risk of a PI claim?”

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