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As our population ages, the design world faces challenges that demand a blend of aesthetics, accessibility, and adaptability. At this exclusive event, Nero Tapeware will spotlight their innovative CARE range, which not only resonates with contemporary design ethos but also proudly stands NCC compliant. Discover how these products are revolutionising spaces, making them both stylish and livable for everyone.

During this 30-minute presentation, attendees will delve into the nuances of designing for an ageing demographic without sacrificing style or function. We’ll unpack the key features of the CARE product range, emphasising its NCC compliance and benefits. Through real-world examples and insights, participants will gain a clearer understanding of the future of living spaces — a future where aesthetics, accessibility, and adaptability coexist seamlessly.

Date: 23rd August 2023

Time: 1pm – 1:30pm

Online: Zoom Webinar

Register today and witness how Nero Tapeware’s CARE range is redefining aesthetics and accessibility in living spaces.