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Many of us run our own Design practice or would like too. And all of us want to know how to be more sustainable in our design practice. This event is all about our businesses!

Our first presenter will be Willem Overbosch from SDG Align. SDG Align are affiliated with BDAA and have a business improvement Toolbox that BDAA Members have access to. This amazing Toolbox will help you identify aspects of your practice that can be improved to increase the sustainability of your practice and will also provide the links and tools to help you develop your business and its sustainability practices. Once you register for this event you will receive a link to the Toolbox and we ask that you go through it before the event so that Willem can talk through the results for everyone and what they mean.

Our second presenter, Business Mentor and Belief Strategist Gaynor Lawton will take you through the key elements of how to create a sound plan for your business. Whether you have an established business, a new business or you are just starting out, It’s all about going back to basics. At the end of this interactive workshop, you will have a one-page business plan for your business to help you move forward with clarity. When you register you will receive a file that will need to be downloaded and printed for the workshop as you will be taking part in the activity.

Time: 6pm – 7.30pm
Date: 19/09/23
Location: ONLINE