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To assist the imminent adoption of new Section J Energy Efficiency requirements under NCC Volume One 2019 in the NT, the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) is holding two upcoming webinars open to anyone involved in commercial building in the NT.

Taking place on 12 and 19 of September, these webinars will focus on understanding performance-based solutions and statutory requirements under the National Construction Code. Learnings from these webinars may be applied to any performance solution, not just those involving Energy Efficiency requirements.

The first session will address the development of a performance-based design brief when undertaking performance solutions, the structure of the NCC governing requirements and the role of Australian Standards in performance solutions. Requirements for accepting expert based opinions will be addressed, including those provided by ESD consultants through Section J Energy Efficiency compliance reports.

The second session will cover practitioner obligations under the Performance-based NCC. These include obligations for development of a performance-based design brief, identification of mandatory assessment methods and understanding the Evidence of Suitability rules.

These webinars are open to anyone, not just building surveyors. NT building designers, architects, engineers, project managers and builders are all invited to attend to find out more about working with performance solutions in the NCC.

Registration is currently open through AIBS, closing Monday 11 September:

Section J Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings using Vol. 1 BCA 2019 | Northern Territory Webinar (aibs.com.au)

For more information of the adoption of Section J in the NT, go to: