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Welcome Students!

I bet you have a TON of questions you would like answers too before entering the Building Design Industry and we would like to give you the chance to get some answers!

Join us for an online chat with a panel of Designers and Related Professionals who will answer your questions. This is a rare opportunity to pin down people with the information and experience that will help you move forward in your chosen career.

Student Q&A Panel

“STUDENTS! Step Out of The Study And Get Answers!”

Building Design Students are the future of the Building Design Profession and it will be your contributions that will help shape the future. But the BDAA understands that while you are studying you will have a million questions about the industry you are studying for. This is an opportunity to ask a few of those questions. Our Designer Panel includes 4 outstanding Designers with a range of Design experience.

  • Frank Geskus – The BDAA’s current President, Frank has a wealth of experience across a range of design styles and building types. He is an award-winning Designer, owns multiple businesses in and around the construction industry and has experience both hiring and working with graduates. Frank is based in Tasmania.
  • Kara Jecks runs her Building Design Business in Perth, WA, focusing on Alterations & Additions. She finished her Building Design diploma in NSW in 2019, sidelining her former career to pursue her passion for the built environment. Her career kickstarted in the deep end – tackling Flame Zone and Heritage requirements in her first two projects!
  • Kirstie Wulf is also an award-winning Designer and specialises in sustainable design and the use of earth and strawbale construction. She is also a Passive House Certified Designer.
  • David Manché is an award-winning Designer based in Wollongong (south of Sydney) and comes from an engineering background.
    His experience extends across residential, industrial, and commercial design, specialising in the latter. David is also the Chairperson of the Sydney Chapter.

In this event, all questions must be entered into the Q&A section of the Zoom meeting and the meeting host will ask them to the panel. Only the panel guests will be seen on video and be able to speak during the meeting as we have a limited about of time and we anticipate a lot of questions.

Please be sure to register for your attendance.


Kylie Mitchell