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Social media is the key and centrepiece to any marketing campaign; and if you’re looking to solidify and refine your social media marketing strategy for 2021, then please attend The Social Scene: Build Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Strategy; a helpful and dynamic webinar hosted by Sarah-Jane Kavanagh.

With the number and complexity of today’s social media channels, and the overwhelming mass of competing businesses, trying to make their mark and spread their message on social media, you as a savvy professional need a strategy before ‘going social.’ A social media marketing plan that will help you meet and manage all obstacles to claim ultimate and optimum success in an ever-changing business and social media landscape.

Sarah-Jane Kavanagh will be your guide for this webinar, which will offer vital suggestions in areas that include:

  1. Setting social media goals ideal and reachable for your business.
  2. Starting and establishing your social media channels
  3. Researching your target audience.
  4. Setting your metrics and KPIs
  5. Creating and curating content (preparing word and graphic posts)
  6. Establishing a social presence
  7. Gaining new friends and followers and keeping them engaged.
  8. Gauging and enhancing your success on social.

Set your social strategy for 2021. Sign up for The Social Scene: Build Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Strategy now!