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We have created the Tools™ to give everyone the knowledge that craftspeople know or has been hidden inside Australia’s unintelligible Codes and Standards.

This wisdom on our phone or tablet:
• helps us detail the complex parts of our jobs properly
• saves us time preparing our documentation
• prevents mistakes & rework by the Contractors
• helps everyone understand or resolve quality issues
• improves Contractor respect for Designer knowledge about construction
• impresses our Clients.

Tools™ could save you at least 1 hour per week. And much more if you specialise on alterations or renovations. And a lot, lot more if it saves just one major mistake or dispute.
Each Tool™ illustrates Code Compliance plus, what is just as important, best practice.

And you can easily share any Tool™ with your Colleagues and Contractors. It takes less than 20 seconds to find and share a high risk Tool™ that can help you avoid making a mistake.

Enjoy CPD rewards for checking the updates, alerts and every time you share a Tool™.
The business case for finding and sharing knowledge more quickly makes good sense. And the add value of the improved reputation for you, your business and the entire Building Industry is a bonus.