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What can we expect with John Moynihan

John is a Registered Designer and Builder, Passive House Certified Designer, LHA Assessor, and a Level 2 Air tightness Tester. Director @ Ecolateral Pty Ltd & Director @ Air Tightness Testing Services Australia. Pty Ltd.

Break up:

– Putting our situation in global context and looking at Why Now?

– What are the likely changes, how will they impact us as an industry.

– How will it impact our clients?

– The 7 steps to delivering  “An accessible, compliant, future proofed Home”

– Question and answers

This webinar is a forerunner to the reintroduction by the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA), of its Crossing the Threshold educational package in 2023. Sponsored by the BDAA and Australian Network for Universal Housing Design and developed in conjunction with Ecolateral’s John Moynihan, this updated course will provide specific direction on the finer aspects of implementation of these essential inclusions in this in the 2022 NCC.

BDAA would encourage all design and building professionals including architects, building designers, builders and trades, interested in the delivery of homes for all ages and abilities, to participate in ‘Crossing the Threshold’.

“Irrespective of your States stance on the introduction of these measures in 2023 you have a duty of care to provide the best design and most functional home for your clients. The 25% of the Australians who have a disability will thank you.”